Mr Nicholls is a great teacher who inspires and motivates pupils

Rachel Crouch

Head Teacher

Paul was a wonderful help with Laura. She always struggled with Maths but came out of her first lesson saying “Wow, Maths is actually fun!”. With Paul’s help she went from being predicted a D to getting a B in her Maths GCSE.

Bella Aris


Paul Nicholls has built a great rapport with my son and given him much more confidence in his own ability. He has recently achieved better test results in both maths and English and I am delighted. I would highly recommend Paul Nicholls.

Jane Fisher


We feel very lucky to have found Paul. We contacted him because our nine-year-old daughter seemed to find maths completely impenetrable and was really struggling in class. After just a few short months of weekly one-to-one math lessons with Paul, she started to make huge progress in the subject, all thanks to his patient and positive approach to teaching and in-depth knowledge of the primary maths curriculum. Our daughter enjoys her lessons with him and is incredibly proud of the progress she has made, and we are delighted by the huge increase in confidence we see in her.



Although my son had achieved well academically before having Mr Nicholls as a teacher, he did not have confidence in his ability. Mr Nicholls helped my son to see clearly, both his abilities and the areas where he needed to improve. This, in turn, helped my son to develop his own sense of well-being and confidence.

Lynne Edmonds


Mr Nicholls has the confidence as a teacher and the strength of character to allow the children to learn how to develop their own abilities and their own voices in their own way. He gives the children room to explore and think while ensuring they know the importance of learning certain skills along the way.

Stephanie Kennedy


My son has blossomed in your class and has thoroughly enjoyed having you as a teacher.

Louise Smith


Thank you Mr Nicholls for being the best teacher ever!

St Nicholas school pupil